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FiveWest provides automated farming practices to Ethiopia at a fraction of the cost

Aviation company in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia’s agricultural industry makes up most of the country’s annual GDP. In order to fertilize and water these large spans of agricultural crops, aircraft called crop dusters are used to efficiently service these areas. However, the issue is that the Ethiopian government does not have the money necessary to fund this endeavour. As an alternative to buying the planes, one of FiveWest’s clients leases out these planes to Ethiopia.


By utilizing our OTC desk, the aviation company is able to provide essential automated farming practices to Ethiopia at a fraction of the cost. FiveWest achieves this by facilitating the exchange between our client – the aviation leasing firm – and the agricultural farm in Ethiopia using USDT.


The result is that, by utilizing FiveWest’s OTC desk, our client was able to dramatically reduce the cost required to lease out agricultural planes in Ethiopia.

Published: 19 October 2022
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