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What is our payment gateway?

Allowing all businesses in South Africa the ability to accept crypto payments and to be settled in Rands, eliminating the risk of holding the crypto themselves.

It is estimated that over 4.2 million South Africans currently own cryptocurrency. With this simple and efficient software, we enable your business to be able to accept crypto payments and increase your revenue with ease. Payments can be accepted online, integrated into your online checkout portal or in your retail store at your checkout desk as a simple QR code to scan.

Payment service provider

Add cryptocurrency as new payment method.


Integrate crypto payments directly into your online store.

Retail store

Accept crypto payments directly in our physical stores.

How does it work?

  • Payment

    When the cryptocurrency payment method is selected on your website, we take care of supplying the customer with a competitive cryptocurrency/fiat quote at time of checkout that will be locked for a short period of time to protect the customer and the merchant from price volatility.

  • Settlement

    Once the deposit has been identified on the blockchain, we immediately hedge it to mitigate exposure to unfavourable price movements. Once the deposit is received, we will notify the merchant that they can release the goods to the customer. Further, we trade the deposit to fiat currency and the exact fiat order amount is credited to the merchant's account.

  • Dashboard

    The merchant in South Africa will have access to a merchant dashboard that will showcase all the payments that have been received. They will also be able to invoice customers from this dashboard.

  • Integration Options

    Merchants can simply integrate with the gateway by using our native or white label payment portal and merchant dashboard. Alternatively, we offer access through our full API integration which includes REST endpoints for payment creation, and webhooks and websockets for notifications.

Benefits to our clients

  • Access
    • Merchants can now seamlessly access an entirely untapped market segment of over 300 million crypto users worldwide without exposing themselves to the volatility inherent to cryptocurrencies.

  • Ease
    • Our crypto payments gateway is compatible with all cryptocurrency wallets. So far, we accept BTC and Eth and we settle merchants with fiat or crypto the next day.

  • Fees
    • Merchants pay no set up fees to use the gateway. There is a transaction fee of 0.5% which is less than half of the current average credit card gateway fee.

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We take you step by step through this process to make it easy.

    ID Document

    Proof of address

    Business CK2 docs

Please note that our banking partner may ask for additional documentation.

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