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The Cheapest and Best Way to Send Money to South Africa

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When it comes to sending money abroad to South Africa, the options are plentiful. However, not all services are created equal. Traditional banks, digital platforms like Wise, and international money transfer specialists like Fivewest each offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

South African Banks Charge High Fees

Traditionally, banks have been the go-to for international wire transfers. However, they are also known for their high fees and less favorable exchange rates. It's not uncommon for banks to charge anywhere from R200 to R1000 per transaction. The exchange rates provided by banks often include a significant markup, as they seek to maximize their profits on these transactions.

Brokers Do Not Give You The Best Rate

Brokers, like Wise (Formerly TransferWise) have positioned themselves as a more affordable alternative to traditional banking, offering more transparent fees and a peer-to-peer exchange rate mechanism. While Wise's fees are lower compared to banks, and its exchange rates closer to the mid-market rate, it still cannot always compete with specialized providers on every front, especially for certain currencies or larger transfer amounts.

Fivewest Forex

Entering the arena as a dedicated international money transfer provider, Fivewest stands out by offering exceptionally low fees and the best available exchange rates. Unlike banks and even Wise, Fivewest commits to a small fixed fee per transaction and ensures its exchange rates are the best for you by checking them daily against major banks and services like Wise. This meticulous approach guarantees that customers always receive the best possible deal, potentially saving up to 5% on transfers compared to other options. Furthermore, Fivewest is transparent, with no hidden charges to worry about.

Benefit from Payment Flexibility and Features: Fivewest offers a range of payment options, including bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. While bank transfers are the most cost-effective option, the availability of multiple payment methods ensures flexibility for customers. Unlike Wise, Fivewest allows customers to set rate alerts and lock in favorable exchange rates ahead of time, a feature that can significantly enhance the value of your transfer.

User Experience: Fivewest also shines in terms of convenience. The online platform is designed for ease of use, allowing for quick and secure money transfers. Typically, transfers to South Africa are completed within 2-3 days, and Fivewest provides dedicated account support to assist with any queries or transaction management needs.

While banks and Wise are viable options for transferring money to South Africa, Fivewest's specialization in international money transfers clearly offers a superior choice. By prioritizing low fees, the best exchange rates, and customer convenience, Fivewest emerges as the cheapest and best way to send money to South Africa. Experience the difference by signing up for free today, and maximize your savings on your next international money transfer.

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Published: 08 October 2023Sending money to South Africa? This guide compares banks, Wise, and Fivewest to show how a dedicated money transfer provider offers the cheapest fees, best rates, and most effective option in 2023.

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