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Earn money online in South Africa

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Earn money online in South Africa with arbitrage (up to R150k per year)

Cryptocurrency arbitrage can be a lucrative way for South Africans to earn money online. With arbitrage, you take advantage of price differences across cryptocurrency exchanges to buy low on one exchange and sell high on another. This allows you to lock in small profits that add up over time.

The good news is that South Africans have tax incentives that make crypto arbitrage an appealing online income option. Using your R1 million Special Investment Allowance or R10 million Foreign Investment Allowance, you can get started with the minimum capital requirement which typically ranges from R100,000 to R200,000.

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Current crypto arbitrage premiums are around 2-4% before costs historically. This means for each R100,000 traded, you could earn around R2000+ in profit on the price spread.

Some Fivewest clients utilizing facilities have managed to earn over R100,000 to R120,000 using both their single discretionary allowance and foreign investment allowance. Of course, your profits will depend on market conditions and how much capital you're able to deploy. But the earning potential is certainly enticing.

Fivewest provides a seamless crypto arbitrage service to capitalize on price inconsistencies between South African and overseas exchanges. By purchasing cryptos abroad in foreign currency and selling locally at higher rates, you can earn risk-free returns as the transactions settle.

Benefits of Crypto Arbitrage with Fivewest:

  1. Relatively Quick Payouts: Unlike other trading strategies, arbitrage profits materialize rapidly as transactions complete.
  2. Avoid Volatility Risk: Arbitrage thrives on price fluctuations without exposing you to volatility.

Fivewest takes care of the trading intricacies so you can earn worry-free. We don't take open positions with client funds, limiting risk exposure. Our experts monitor cross-exchange pricing and exploit arbitrage opportunities as they emerge.

We also mitigate common arbitrage risks:

  1. Regulation: As an FSP-approved FinTech, we adhere to South African regulations affecting arbitrage.
  2. Spreads: Our low spreads ensure fees don't eat into your potential profits.
  3. Security: We limit exchange wallet exposure and insure against trading losses.

Crypto arbitrage offers a straightforward way for South Africans to earn rapid profits with minimal volatility risk. With Fivewest's seamless arbitrage service, you can capitalize on cross-exchange price discrepancies.

If you want to put your rands to work earning quick, low-risk returns, contact Fivewest Capital to explore how crypto arbitrage can deliver stable profits. Our expertise makes this money-making strategy simple and secure.

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Published: 07 October 2023Earn Online with Crypto Arbitrage in South Africa

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