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PayPal to FNB

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Transfer Money from PayPal to FNB or Any South African Bank

If have a PayPal account in South Africa, you can easily withdraw funds to your FNB or any other local bank account.

Note, Fivewest offers a transfer service where you can send funds from your Paypal account into your FNB account and save up to 5% on each transfer.

To follow the normal sign up flow for Paypal to FNB, follow these steps below.

Link Your PayPal Account to FNB

To enable transfers, you first need to link your PayPal account to an FNB online banking profile:

  1. Log into FNB online banking at
  2. Click Forex, then PayPal Services
  3. Choose Link PayPal Profile and enter your PayPal and FNB details
  4. Confirm you are the PayPal account holder when prompted
  5. FNB will verify your linked accounts before transfers can be made.

Withdraw Money from PayPal to Your Bank

Once linked, you can withdraw PayPal funds to your FNB or other bank account:

  1. Go to PayPal Services in FNB online banking
  2. Select Withdraw from PayPal and enter the USD amount
  3. Review the exchange rate, fees, and ZAR amount
  4. Approve the withdrawal when prompted on PayPal

The money will be deposited into your FNB or linked bank account within 3-5 business days.

Non-FNB Account Holders

Don't have an FNB account? No problem. You can still link PayPal by:

Registering for PayPal on FNB online banking

Submitting FICA documents to complete the process Adding your non-FNB bank account details Then you can withdraw to any South African bank account as outlined above.

Withdrawing PayPal funds into your local bank account is fast and easy when you link to an FNB online profile first.

Which type of FNB accounts qualify for PayPal?

Both personal and business FNB accounts can be used to link PayPal. You'll need to register either a personal or business profile on FNB online banking. Premier, Private Clients, and enterprise accounts also qualify.

Is PayPal to FNB instant?

No, transfers from PayPal to FNB and then Capitec take 3-6 business days to process completely. PayPal to FNB is initiated immediately, but the funds move between banks over several days. It is not an instant transfer.

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Published: 14 November 2023Fivewest allows you to transfer USD quickly to South Africa into your FNB Bank account at the best rates.

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